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30,000+ Parts In A New Car, We Cover All These Too.

Our Vehicle Service Contract Is The Most Comprehensive It Also Includes Parts and Labor.
We cover ever car bumper-to-bumper with only a small list of exceptions.
Eligible covers more than a standard Limited Manufacturers' Car Warranty.

It's Simple.

Eligible is the alternative to a
dealer extended car warranty.

• Choose Coverage & Mechanic

• Plans starting at $57/month

• No Additional Cost Roadside & Rental

With Eligible You Get...

• Up to 3 years no payments
• Repairs are covered up to $15,000
• Save as much as 90% on service

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Extended Car Warranty Eligible

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And never over pay to service your car again.

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For new car owners model year 2015-2021. Not available in HI, AK, CA, LA, FL

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Car Warranty

I am completing and submitting this form so that I can instantly get an online quote to extend the coverage my warranty provides. Eligible may contact me by phone, text and/or or e-mail to assist in this process if needed. I understand this is not an extended car warranty.

New Vehicle Owners

Few things in life can put a smile on your face like a new car. But it isn’t long before the promise of warranty protection fades. An Eligible contract is the smartest way to insure that you never need to dispute a repair request or pay a large unexpected repair bill ever again. Our repair plans are designed to self liquidate which means they pay for themselves even if a major repair doesn’t need to be performed on your new car years down the road.

Expiring Manufacturers' Warranty

A manufactures’ warranty is only a promise to fix manufacturing defects or assembly errors for a predetermined period of time or miles.  With hourly shop rates now averaging over $100 per hour and annual parts costs increases many Americans are forced to forgo auto repairs when suggested or needed. There is an old maxim that says “The best time to plant a tree was 3 years ago. The next best time is right now.

Flexible, Unlike An Extended Car Warranty

We pay the repair bill so you don’t have to. With Eligible, you’re never tied to a specific dealership, repair shop or geographic area. And best of all, the easy online quote process takes about 3 minutes with no credit checks, 1-800 numbers to call or complicated options. 

Eligible Extended Car Warranty

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Common FAQs

What's covered under my Plan ?

We offer One Membership Plan that has been optimized for new car owners. We cover so much of your vehicle that it is much easier (on the forest) to provide you a list of what is not covered. If it is not on this list, it is covered, guaranteed. View our SAMPLE MEMBERSHIP.

When can I use my Plan ?

Your tailored coverage will activate after the Waiting Period is over. The Waiting Period for all of our Members Plans is 30 days from the date of activation. And unlike a dealer extended car warranty you plan is universally accepted by more than 30,000 repair facilities.

Can I transfer my plan to my new car ?

Your policy is customized to your specific vehicle model, trim and equipment. Please call Customer Service at 1-202-938-0999 and we can help you set up a new policy on your new vehicle and stop your current policy.

How do I stop my plan ?

We understand that your lifestyle may change and you may need to discontinue your current membership.  Please contact Customer Service. We will calculate a pro-rated return of your policy based on the remaining mileage or time whichever is greatest.

What repair facilities do I use ?

Dealerships and repair facilities across the United States and Canada will honor your vehicle service membership. You can have your vehicle repaired in your hometown or while you’re away from home. 

Who pays for the repairs ?

All claims are paid directly to the repair facility, so as long as the repairs are performed at your hometown dealer or on of the more than 30,000 ASE Certified repair shops in the US and Canada you won’t need to do anything.

What is the difference between a "service contract" and an "extended warranty" ?

An extended car warranty is simply an extension of your manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturer’s warranties are only responsible for “manufacturing defects” or assembly errors and often fall short of their “bumper to bumper” claim of security. Eligible provides a service membership contract that is designed to cover the deficiencies of a manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty.

How is an Eligible service contract different than the vehicle warranty my dealer sold me or the warranties I see in TV commercials ?

Eligible has partnered with Zurich Insurance to provide the first of its kind vehicle service contract design self liquidating membership that not only pays for itself in general repairs regardless if a major repair occurs or not. Dealers and other 3rd party providers offer plans in various strengths, prices and reliability.  Our platform allows you to decide for yourself.

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