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Eligible FAQ's for the most common questions.

Customer Service Question

How do I get a copy of my membership contract ?

Sure! We are happy to email or text a copy to you anytime you request a copy. Start by calling Customer Service at 1-202-938-0999 or send us a note to obtain a copy of your vehicle service membership.

How do I get Roadside Assistance when I need it ?

Whether you need Towing or any other Roadside Assistance, please contact the Roadside Assistance phone number at the bottom of your contract or visit our Claims page.

What is covered under my Eligible Membership ?

We offer One Membership Plan that has been optimized for new car owners. We cover so much of your vehicle that it is much easier (on the forest) to provide you a list of what is not covered. If it is not on this list, it is covered, guaranteed. View our SAMPLE MEMBERSHIP.

When can I use my Membership ?

Your tailored coverage will activate after the Waiting Period is over. The Waiting Period for all of our Members Plans is 30 days from the date of activation.

Can I transfer my membership policy to my new car ?

Your policy is customized to your specific vehicle model, trim and equipment. Please call Customer Service at 1-202-938-0999 and we can help you set up a new policy on your new vehicle and stop your current policy.

How do I stop my membership ?

We understand that your lifestyle may change and you may need to discontinue your current membership.  Please contact Customer Service. We will calculate a pro-rated return of your policy based on the remaining mileage or time whichever is greatest.

What repair facilities do I have to use ?

Dealerships and repair facilities across the United States and Canada will honor your vehicle service membership. You can have your vehicle repaired in your hometown or while you’re away from home. 

Who pays for the repairs ?

All claims are paid directly to the repair facility, so as long as the repairs are performed at your hometown dealer or on of the more than 30,000 ASE Certified repair shops in the US and Canada you won’t need to do anything.

Claims Questions

How do I file a claim when my car needs fixed ?

It’s simple call 1-800-643-9059 or send us a note to get the claim process started.

Do I pay for loan cars or rental ?

Many dealerships today offer cars free of charge through their inhouse loaner car program. If you need to go through a rental agency, then you will pay for the rental up front. But your membership does provide for reimbursement once the repairs on your vehicle have been made.

If I make a claim will my monthly membership premium increase ?

Nope. No matter how many claims, repairs or visits you vehicle requires your monthly installment will never increase!

What if my vehicle breaks down after hours, on the weekend on the other side of the country ?

You are in good hands. Just call the roadside assistance number at 1-888-831-6870 to arrange an emergency roadside recovery. Contact the dealership the tow company delivers your vehicle to start your claim. Our membership includes Trip Interruption Coverage so if your car breaks down 100 or more miles from home we will help pay for hotel and restaurant expenses up to $750 per occurence!

How do I know if my claim will be covered or not ?

Refer to the very bottom of page 2 of your contract to a section titled What is Not Covered. If the repair is not on the list it is covered, period. You can also view our SAMPLE CONTRACT here. 

How am I responsibility to keep my membership coverage active ?

You are responsible to perform maintenance as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer and keep record of scheduled maintenance items. Do not misuse, neglect, or modify your vehicle during the contract term to avoid any issues related to the validation of your membership.

General Questions

What is the difference between a "service contract" and an "extended warranty" ?

Extended warranties are simply an extension of your manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturer’s warranties are only responsible for “manufacturing defects” or assembly errors and often fall short of their “bumper to bumper” claim of security. Eligible provides a service membership contract that is designed to cover the deficiencies of a manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty.

How is an Eligible service contract different than the vehicle warranty my dealer sold me or the warranties I see in TV commercials ?

Eligible has partnered with Zurich Insurance to provide the first of its kind vehicle service contract design self liquidating membership that not only pays for itself in general repairs regardless if a major repair occurs or not. Dealers and other 3rd party providers offer plans in various strengths, prices and reliability.  Our platform allows you to decide for yourself.

Do you sell service contracts for vehicle manufactures or dealers ?

No, we are not affiliated in any way with the extended warranties that manufactures and dealers pressure consumers to purchase. In fact, some might even describe us as disruptors because we only offer one plan because we believe every car, every car owner has the same need for reasonable ownership costs. We also believe in the freedom of choice.

How do I figure out which vehicle service contract is right for me ?

Answering this question is not as complicated as it might seem. A good plan offers the following basic options: no risk cancellation and transfer, monthly payment option, roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, trip interruption coverage and offers a total benefits value that exceeds price by no less that 5x. Then it should be insurance-backed by a company with a proven track record. Of course price is important too. When we created Eligible we took things one step further. We asked why do other companies offer more than one plan? Why do dealers and manufacturer’s offer primarily stated coverages instead of exclusionary coverage? Why hasn’t anyone made it easy for consumers to purchase a plan without jumping through hoops or up sales? You should ask yourself these questions too. 

Coverage Questions

Is my vehicle guaranteed to be covered by Eligible ?

We cover nearly every brand and model regardless of equipment. All you have to do is see for yourself. We’ve created and deploy all of our membership quotes online through a first of its kind, secure online portal. All you have to do is enter your VIN, answer a few simple questions, decide how long you would like your membership to last and how much you want to pay each month.

Do you cover used or pre-owned vehicles too ?

Yes! We do. We currently cover vehicle model years 2015 to brand new. Get started now at the bottom of this page. It only takes about 3 minutes to get a quote online.

Is my Eligible service contract transferrable and cancellable ?

All of our membership contracts are transferrable to a new owner if your vehicle ownership changes. Membership contracts can just as easily be cancelled and the value will be pro-rated back to you. Contact our Customer Support team at 1-202-938-0999 to discuss the specific terms of your contract and options.

How many vehicles can I add to my Eligible Membership ?

Only one vehicle per membership contract. Each vehicle is unique and is identified by its Vehicle Identification Number.

Vehicle Questions

What is my VIN and how can I find it ?

A vehicle identification number (VIN) (also called a chassis number or frame number) is a unique 17 digit code, used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles. Three common places to find your VIN are:

  1. On your insurance card or documents
  2. On the bottom left side of your front windshield
  3.  On the inside drivers door plan near where the door latches

What if I don't have my current odometer reading or am purchasing a new car?

Miles are important to the value and calculation of your vehicle service contract. If you are unable to determine your current odometer reading use your last recorded reading. If you are purchasing a brand new car you can enter 1 to calculate your membership plan online.

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DISLCLAIMER: Eligible is a nationwide company marketing vehicle service contracts on behalf of 3rd party administrators; you determine which is right for you. Deductible may apply. Coverage, deductibles, and claims payment vary depending on vehicle age, mileage, and equipment. Routine maintenance is required at your expense along with repairs not covered by your contract. Repairs can be completed by any ASE Certified® mechanic. Membership(s) are not available in HI, AK, CA, LA, FL. Eligible & is not affiliated with any auto dealer or manufacturer. You will be contacted by e-mail, phone, and/or text once we receive your quote submission. Administered by Universal Underwriters Service Corporation UUSC Service Company in New York, 7045 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS 66211; Parts of like kind and quality may be used including remanufactured parts. Vehicle names, logos, brands, & other trademarks featured or referred to within are property of their respective trademark holders. A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an “auto warranty” or an “extended car warranty,” for marketing purposes only. But it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle. Not all vehicles qualify for coverage.  Eligible does not offer or sell Vehicle Service Contracts in AK, CA, HI, LA or FL.
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