Eligible Is Car Repair Peace Of Mind

Eligible Is Car Repair Peace Of Mind

We founded Eligible to make the vehicle ownership experience better, because your vehicle should work for you, not the other way around. That starts with a world-class a vehicle service plan that covers you whenever, wherever the need for repairs strikes, regardless of whether your vehicle is brand new or starting to show its age.

Let’s face it – you just want to get in, get your car fixed, and get OUT….as quickly as possible, without feeling ripped off.  

You want to keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket where it belongs, not with the dealer.  And you want it to be EASY.    RIGHT?

With Eligible, everything is taken care of for you.  You pay ONE flat monthly rate, and your vehicle repair expenses are covered, no matter how expensive the cost turns out to be (up to $15,000)!

That means, as an Eligible member, you can drop your car off for a major repair that could normally cost $8,000, and you’ll be covered!   

But we don’t just cover your vehicle

See, at Eligible, we understand that getting your car fixed is so much MORE than just the repair that happens at the shop…

Most importantly, we want to make sure that your car repair doesn’t STOP you from going about your day, or putting a damper on your travel experiences…

That’s why, in every one of our care plans, we also provide:

Benefits of Eligible Car Repair Insurance

Our enhanced comprehensive care plan also includes a host of additional benefits like rental car reimbursement when your car is in for repair, travel care to cover for things like food and lodge when you travel, even roadside assistance for emergencies.

As an Eligible Member your coverage is honored by more than 30,000 ASE Certified mechanics nationwide and in Canada. So you can have your vehicle repaired by your hometown mechanic or while you are away from home.

There are no limits to the level of service you receive. We cover every repair bill no matter the number of repairs required up to $15,000. You can rest assured knowing your coverage is rock solid because it is insurance-backed by the same company that covers more that 90% of the largest companies in American, Zurich Insurance North America.

Your coverage is valuable and can be transferred to a new owner even after you’ve enjoyed the benefits.  Sometimes life can be unexpected.  For those times when you’ve made a lifestyle change, or decided to trade up we will happily pro-rate and return of your investment no questions asked guaranteed.

No matter where you are or find yourself in need of assistance we will be there.  Our national support team will assist you anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Never worry about being stranded.  All of our vehicle service contracts include everything you need to get to where you need to go safely.

Ask us how it pays to be eligible.  We will pay a month of your care plan for you for every new member you refer to the program.  That means if you refer 12 member who join Eligible you get a free year of service.

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