Robocalls 101: How To Stop

Robocalls 101: How To Stop

Eligible is a new company insurance-backed by Zurich Insurance committed to stopping robocalls as an acceptable practice in the auto industry. If you like this content please share it. If you have any questions about how we are saving our new car owners time and money with our customized vehicle service contracts, just ask us. If you would like a more information about us please visit.

Our Favorite (we are not affiliated or sponsored) Way To Stop Robocalls is YouMail

YouMail is the best at stopping robocalls before they even get to you. They have prevented more than a BILLION robocalls and the number of calls they stop just keep climbing. Their CEO designed the Robocall Index™. The industry standard for tracking, preventing and stopping robocalls by categorizing scams into the index. With the index YouMail has the best robocall blocking app in the world.

YouMail is referenced by hundreds of publications and organizations (including the FCC), that use the data to identify trouble spots across America. Their app is free to us here. <<

Consumer Tips to Stop Unwanted Robocalls and Avoid Phone Scams by Extended Warranty Companies and Auto Dealers

  • Don’t answer calls from people you don’t know or are unfamiliar. If you answer a call and it is an unsolicited auto warranty call, hang up immediately.
  • Your Caller ID may show a “local” number, this does not necessarily mean it is a local caller or someone who you have had contact with in the past. This is a common technic used called spoofing. Where the caller uses a fake phone number to appear local.
  • If you answer the phone and the caller asks you to tap a number or symbol to stop getting calls, you should just hang up. Robocallers often use this to identify that you are a real target to them.
  • Do not answer any questions, especially those that can be answered with “Yes.” Robocall calls are recorded and used to bill you for unwanted charges to your phone bill.
  • Never ever give out personal information such as where you purchased your vehicle, make, model or year or other identifying information in response to unexpected calls if you are at all suspicious or haven’t made a request for assistance related to your vehicle ownership.
  • If you get an inquiry from someone who says they represent the dealer you purchased your vehicle from, hang up.
  • Use caution if you are being pressured for an personal or vehicle information.
  • To block telemarketing calls, register your number on the Do Not Call List. Legitimate extended warranty companies consult the list to avoid calling both landline and wireless phone numbers on the list and only contact those who have expressed interest.

How Do They Get Your Number?

  • The dealership from which you purchased you vehicle provided your information to third party companies in order to reconnect and offer you an extended warranty after you declined their offer at the time of purchase.
  • Service centers you may have visited often sell customer data to third parties who then provide extended warranty companies with your contact information, VIN, mileage and limited warranty expiration date.

Our Promise:

Eligible will never robocall or text any unsolicited offers to anyone at any time, ever. We do not participate in any unlawful telemarketing, period. We believe in protecting the privacy of our Eligible Members and us our proprietary online quote system to offer our Roadside Assistance + Extended Vehicle Service Membership to new car owners nationwide. For more information please feel free to use our online text chat to start a conversation.

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