Eligible FAQ’s on car repair insurance, coverage, and agreements.

Eligible is a car repair insurance plan that helps take the headache and hassle out of getting your vehicle fixed at the dealership or auto repair shop. Because Eligible covers your repairs, you don’t have to worry about the repair shop taking advantage of you. And you won’t have to “band-aid” your repair, or get 2nd rate parts, or choose between what needs to happen today vs. what can wait.

Eligible also is more than JUST coverage for your car repair. When you get an Eligible plan, you also get:  

We are insurance for your warranty.  Warranties are designed to protect the manufacturer and dealership against parts defects for workmanship errors. Warranties aren’t designed to protect YOU. And many times, warranties have a very limited scope of what they cover. Just because you have a warranty doesn’t mean that you are covered. Often, car owners get shocked when their vehicle breaks while under warranty, and they STILL have to pay for parts or labor (or both) to get their car repaired. 

Yes! And we’ve made it super easy.  Just click the FREE QUOTE button anywhere on the site and enter your VIN number and mileage information, and you’ll instantly see a LARGE menu of coverage options, so all you need to do is choose which one fits you best, based on 1) how much you want to pay per month, and 2) how long you want your coverage to last using the drop-down.

Car insurance is designed to help protect you in the case of a collision, or if someone/something did damage to your car. Insurance won’t cover the cost if a part or function within your vehicle when simply breaks or wears out, and needs to be fixed. 

All vehicles need repairs at some point. (If they didn’t, you’d never need a new car, right?) Our goal is that when your vehicle DOES need repair, that we can cover the repair cost, while taking away the hassle and burden. Eligible makes it so that your repairs aren’t a drain on your day (or your wallet). And we provide coverage, so that the dealership or auto repair shop can’t take advantage of you. 

If you want to sell or trade in your existing car, your Eligible coverage is transferrable or cancelable anytime.

If you purchase a NEW car, and want your vehicle to be covered under Eligible, you can simply select the length of coverage you need and how much you would like to spend per month.  

Only a $100 deductible is required per occurrence no matter how much the repair is (up to $15,000).

Great question! It is FAR easier to tell you the short list of what Eligible does not cover! As a general rule, if a part can “break”, it is covered. (This ALSO is true for car FUNCTIONS & operations, like anything digital, wired, or motorized – so many newer cars now have a ton of digital features – like GPS, backup sensors, auto-closing doors, etc… – so this is important!)

Eligible is meant to be a repair coverage plan, and does not cover maintenance or parts that are considered “wear and tear” – like tires, oil changes, windshield wipers, etc…

For a detailed list of what repairs are covered through Eligible, get a free quote where you can read, print and share our plan before you make any commitment.

Absolutely! Eligible is like a subscription, which means you may cancel anytime, with no questions asked…and the balance of your contract will be prorated back to you.

Every Eligible plan is insurance-backed by Zurich Insurance. Your coverage is accepted in all 50 states and Canada by more than 30,000 ASE Certified mechanics. The best part is you don’t have to do anything because to care of you from the moment your car starts giving you trouble.