How Do I Get My Car Repaired, Guaranteed?

3 min read

Eligible Makes Things Simple For You…

Cars are like family members, that’s why we give them names. And our Power Of One promise is to provide you with a worry-free ownership experience that eliminates the hassles of getting your car repaired. This 30 second video below shows you just how simple it is to become an Eligible Member today. We are here with our entire team of professionals to assist you at every turn and shield you from budget busting repair bills. 

Now, because we’re all about making things simple, getting Eligible works in three easy steps…

1. Enter A Few Pieces Of Information

It is a great idea to have your VIN number, mileage and zip code hand, but not required for a quote.

Enter in a few pieces of information about your car starting with your VIN number or simple use the drop-down menu. In seconds you will see the coverage, term options so you can choose the term that fits best for you and your budget. 

2. Choose The Term That Fits Best For You

Think about how long you you will be paying for your car and how many miles you drive per year to select the plan that works best for you.

Choose the term (length of coverage in time) by using the drop-down menu labeled Month/Mileage Options .  All you will need to do then is decide how much you want to pay each month and if you want to put a little bit down to reduce the monthly amount. (That is entirely up to you We want you to decide what is best for you.) 

3. Review and Finalize Your Vehicle Service Agreement

After you have selected a plan its time to enter in your name, address, phone and email. This is so we can present a draft copy of the agreement for you to review before you move onto the payment section.

Then, review your agreement. And since you get to research and review from the comfort of your home you will be able to make the best decision.

And in less than three minutes your vehicle is covered, without ever having to step inside a car dealership or dial a 1-800-number.