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Save Up To On General and Post Warranty Repairs


TOTAL VALUE: Pay Only A Small Monthly Membership Fee

Our Vehicle Service Plan is designed to bridge the gap between your traditional vehicle insurance and the limitations of your factory warranty. We protection your privacy and put dealer profit back into your pocket

Most Questions

Can I take my car anywhere?
Of course! You can use your hometown dealer or any of the 30,000+ ASC Certified® mechanics in our network in the United States and Canada.
Is my membership transferable?
Absolutely! Your membership is transferrable and cancellable anytime.
What cars do you cover?
We serve new car owners 2015-2021.

Contract Administrators

insurance backed to provide contract holders with the most secure and reliable performance available today.

Zurich Insurance

North American

Universal Underwriters a Zurich North American Company has been covering the automotive industry for more than 100 years…nearly as long as cars have been on the road.  That means we know how to protect you.  Zurich also covers more than 90% of the largest companies in America today.

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