What Does Eligible NOT Cover?

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Eligible Is An Exclusionary Repair Insurance Plan +

A client asked…What is covered with Eligible?  That was such a good question we wanted to properly answer it without a ton of techno-babble.  Eligible is an exclusionary repair insurance plan…

This means our plan is not only the #1 Vehicle Repair Insurance Membership available today but it also outlines a list of items that are not covered. Because if it is not on the list, it’s covered! Let me say that again.  If it is not on the list, it’s covered!  With more than 30,000 parts and dozens of configurations that make up your modern vehicle we want to be sure that we are covering as much as possible.  Many other companies (and limited manufacture warranties) only list what IS covered but do not show all the things they are NOT covering.  This is how they work with dealers to maintain control of your wallet.  It is much easier to digest a short list of what is not covered.  It is easy to make sense of a list of 150 items vs a list of 29,850+.  Perhaps that’s why so many people have told you “it’s bumper to bumper”?  Whatever that means.  This is how we guarantee your protection with an exclusionary coverage that is there for you when you need it most.30

Below Is A List Of Items NOT Covered

What is Not Covered
1. This contract does not provide coverage for:

A. Any part not specifically listed as covered under the coverage you selected, including but not limited to any of the following parts: Glass, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, wheels, wheel covers, tires, interior trim, moldings, bright metal parts, sheet metal, flexible body parts, weather strips, upholstery, convertible and/or vinyl top, paint, catalytic converter, exhaust system, brake rotors and drums, wiper blades, coolant hoses, shock absorbers, all batteries including hybrid batteries, throttle body assembly, spark/glow plugs, drive belts, brake pads, brake linings and shoes, manual clutch disc (automatically shifted manual transmission clutches are covered);

B. Repairs of water and air leaks, rattles, squeaks and wind noise; alignment of body parts, bumpers and glass;

C. The normal maintenance services and parts required or recommended by your vehicle manufacturer and other normal maintenance services and parts which include, but are not limited to: engine tune up, suspension alignment and wheel balancing. Filters, lubricants, engine coolant, fluids and refrigerants will only be covered in connection with the repair of a covered failure;

D. Repairs or replacements covered by any insurance policy, repairer’s/supplier’s guarantee, service contract or manufacturer’s or seller’s warranty, even if coverage is revoked or denied for any reason, including manufacturer insolvency;

E. Repairs, replacements or alterations made without prior authorization or without following the required claim procedure;

F. Repair or replacement of any part due to a condition that existed prior to the purchase of your contract;

G. A covered failure which does not occur during or is not reported to us within the term of your contract unless expiration of contract falls on a holiday or weekend, then the next business day will be acceptable;

H. Repairs if the odometer has ceased to operate and odometer repairs have not been made as soon as reasonably possible, or the odometer has been altered, tampered with, disconnected, or in any way misrepresents the vehicle’s actual mileage after you purchased your vehicle;

I. Repairs or replacements of any parts or components that do not meet original manufacturer’s specifications as installed at the time of original vehicle assembly;

J. Any part(s) which has not sustained a covered failure, but which a repair facility recommends or requires be repaired or replaced in connection with the repair or replacement of a covered part(s). This includes any expense due to engineering upgrades or for repairs made solely to meet or maintain governmental emission standards;

K. Storage charges, shop supplies, hazardous waste disposal fees, freight and/or delivery charges;

L. Economic loss, including loss of time, inconvenience, or other incidental loss or damage that may result from a covered failure, except as may otherwise be provided as a benefit in this contract;

M. Consequential loss or damage that is the result of a covered failure;

N. Repairs or replacements made outside of the United States, United States territories and possessions or Canada;

O. Diagnostic charges, cost of disassembly or cost of assembly if your repair is not covered or has been denied.
2. This contract does not provide coverage if your vehicle:
A. Is equipped to plow snow, whether or not the plow blade is attached to your vehicle;
B. Is used for commercial hauling, delivery, limousine service, ride share or transportation network (e.g. Uber, Lyft);
C. Is used for hauling or towing in excess of the manufacturer’s limitations and specifications;
D. Is used for rental, racing, speed contest or other competition, police car, security vehicle, emergency vehicle, shuttle service, taxi or commercial towing;
E. Has been declared a total loss or has been issued a salvage or branded title.
3. This contract does not provide coverage for damages caused by:
A. Collision or impact, fire, theft or attempted theft, freezing, vandalism, malicious mischief, riot, civil commotion, explosion, lightning, water, flood, falling missiles or objects, or contributed to by foreign objects and/or the use of contaminated fuels, fluids, lubricants or refrigerants, and the resultant rust, corrosion or consequential damage, sludge or restricted oil flow;
B. Misuse, alteration, abuse, negligence, or lack of proper maintenance or breakdowns caused by improper servicing or improper repairs, insufficient coolants or lubricants, rust and/or corrosion;
C. A non-covered part;
D. The direct result of aftermarket modifications made after you purchased your vehicle which do not meet factory
E. Ingestion of water through the air intake system commonly referred to as water ingestion;
F. A power surge or the failure to follow proper charging procedures or use of incompatible charging devices for your plug in hybrid/electric vehicle.

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