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For a company and membership plan your future can count on.

Eligible Membership

We Are Eligible

We founded Eligible to make the vehicle ownership experience better, less expensive and more rewarding because your vehicle should work for you, not the other way around. That starts with a world-class vehicle service plan that covers you whenever, wherever the need for repairs strikes, regardless of whether your vehicle is brand new or starting to show its age.

Eligible Is Flexible

We pay the repair bill so you don’t have to. With Eligible, you’re never tied to a specific dealership, repair shop or geographic area. And best of all, the easy online quote process takes about 3 minutes with no credit checks, 1-800 numbers to call or complicated options.  

Eligible Membership
Eligible Membership

Eligible Is Hassle Free

By modernizing the way vehicle service plans work, we make sure our clients are ‘eligible’ for all of the benefits of vehicle ownership–with all of the convenience and none of the pain. 

Expect to enjoy a hassle-free car ownership experience focused on you .

Our Partners

Companies who know how to delivery results fast.

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We we set up to change the how vehicle service industry we know it was going to require partnerships with only the best. We partnered with the two giants to reimage vehicle service coverage and flexible payment terms.

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